Wills & Trust

Our company of skilled, caring attorneys is committed to offering excellent legal work accompanied by impressive client service in all elements of wills, living trusts, other trusts, and probate. For a summary of the information on our website regarding wills, trusts, and probate.

Probate Solutions Some of our most-requested lawyer probate services include:

Probate administration
Preparing all legal and accounting documents and making all court appearances for the probate
Handling, selling, and transferring real estate possessed by the deceased
Concerns about whether the will was valid
Handling, selling, or moving a business possessed by the deceased
Burial plot disagreements
Inheritance issues
Claims versus the deceased’s estate
“Frozen” bank accounts and investments owned by the deceased
Other probate concerns and difficult situations.

Will, Living Trust, Specialized Trust, and Estate Plan Services
Our lawyers likewise prepare all kinds of wills, living trusts, and estate strategies and specialized trusts, including such essential files as a:

Will certainly for bachelors or couples to shelter a household’s assets and inheritances from estate taxes and other possible losses

Living trust that will let your family avoid the delay and cost of probate
Lifetime or testamentary trust to safeguard household possessions or care for children or others requiring special care

Financial matters power of attorney
Healthcare power of attorney
Community/separate home contract for married persons
Family restricted partnership
Total estate diet plan that avoids probate, lessens any estate taxes, and benefits partners, youngsters, and favorite charities.

Living Trust Administration
We manage all of the legal steps needed for living trust administration after a living trust owner has passed away, including:
Recommending the successor trustee
Preparing the lawfully needed notifications
Preparing a stock and evaluation for all possessions
Alerting and paying lenders, and dealing with creditor’s claims
Allocating the assets into brand-new trusts for the best tax advantages if the trust supplies
Preparing an accounting and distribution strategy
Preparing deeds and other legal files to move title
Dealing with an estate accounting professional preparing the estate and trust tax returns

California Medi-Cal Asset Security Solutions for Long-Term Care
The competent attorneys of SAN DIEGO LAW FIRM  also handle all aspects of California Medi-Cal eligibility credentials and possession defense to protect your financial resources from the shocking expense of retirement home care. We can do all the following, and more:

Assess your finances, and recommend specific steps to qualify for Medi-Cal while preserving as numerous possessions as possible, and securing as much income as possible for an at-home partner
Encourage and help you with property gifts, transfers, and annuities to protect Medi-Cal eligibility and prevent or reduce additional taxes
Preparing legal files for all steps of asset defense
Prepare the Medi-Cal application and all management and legal documents
Deal straight with Medi-Cal for you while your application is pending
Stand for you at all court and administrative hearings
If the ill personis disarmed, deal with court filings and looks for conservatorship
If you were formerly turned down by Medi-Cal, proper mistakes made
Help you to move possessions beyond Medi-Cal’s post-death collection treatments

California Conservatorship Solutions
SAN DIEGO LAW FIRM provides experienced, caring legal services for California conservatorships. We can:
Recommend you about a California conservatorship and possible legal alternatives
Prepare and file all conservatorship legal files
Appear and argue for you in court
Assist you with a conservatorship bond
Refer you to other professionals you may have to handle a conservatorship
Assist you with all elements of managing a continuous conservatorship
We are readily available to represent conservators, safeguarded individuals (conservatees), or interested member of the family.

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